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  We hope you'll enjoy your ordering experience for Tuesday October 22nd! Our Lunch starts at 11:30am -- ALL Delivery and Pick-Up Orders are approximately 1 hour after that. Thank You. You can now order breakfast or lunch from our 827 3rd Ave location. 

Today's Specials at 

Breakfast Pastries and scones

twice baked marzipan almond croissant 4.50

daily hot dishes

steamed vegetables
orange roasted sweet potatoes
coconut chicken fingers
garlic and extra virgin olive oil sauteed broccoli
fat free brown rice pilaf

daily market salads

chinese sesame tahini noodles
eggless caesar salad
sesame tahini
herb roasted portobello mushrooms
local cage free veggie fed deviled egg salad
rosemary marinated grilled chicken
albacore tuna salad
fresh thyme roasted tomatoes
greek salad - no dressing
caramelized onions and calamata olives quiche 5.95


"gluten free - vegan" baked lemon doughnut 3.75
Organic chia seed "vegan" coconut pudding 4.95
vegan brownie batter overnight oats 4.95
baked strawberry buttermilk doughnut 3.25
cake of the week - honey earl grey loaf cake 3.75

Hot Entrees of the Day

entree # 1- free bird-antibiotic balsamic herb roasted chicken
entree # 2 - Parmesan portobello mushrooom fingers with a side of lemon-tarrragon dipping sauce 12.50
entree # 3- Vienese beef stew 12.50
entree # 4- Roasted local hake with horseradish aioli and lemon zest crust 12.50

sandwich special

Sandwich special - indian butternut pakora 10.50

Signature Soups - every day

vegan fresh herb organic split pea
turkey chili with organic pinto beans
chicken noodle with vegetables
pumpkin corn bisque

signature soups - special

moroccan lamb stew with chick peas, tomato and cilantro
chicken fennel bouillabaisse
sardinian vegan fennel and chick pea
vegan tomato and roasted garlic


smoothie special

special hot dishes

sauteed fresh herb spaetzle
rice orzo and pilaf with zucchini and summer squash
vienese beef stew
gremolata roasted yukon gold potatoes
Roasted local hake with horseradish aioli and lemon zest crust
parmesan portobello mushroom fingers with lemon tarragon dipping sauce
free bird, antibiotic free - balsamic herb roasted chicken
sauteed green beans amandine

special market salads

roasted vegetable ratatouille
Ecuadorian shrimp salmon and avocado ceviche
farro, radish and almond salad
ancho roasted salmon
crunchy kale, farro and seeds salad
korean carrot salad
brussels sprout, kale and almond salad
farfalle with chickpeas, olives, thyme and lemon
classic lebanese tabouli
moroccan beet salad
chipotle lime roasted tofu
crunchy asian chicken salad with almonds and wantons
vietnamese summer rolls with grilled chicken
organic quinoa, organic lentils mujadra

Yogurt Shakes

shake special - cinnamon pear



















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smoothie special

unsweetened almond milk, mango, bananas, spinach, chia seeds

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Sandwich special - indian butternut pakora

crispy vegetable cake, spicy goat cheese, pickled onions, fresh baby spinach, cilantro chutney, fresh cilantro, toasted ciabatta

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